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The 1st International Workshop on FPGAs for Domain Experts is co-located with the 27th International Conference on  Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques (PACT18) . It will be held at Limassol, Cyprus, on November 04, 2018. *Please note location: AEGEAN II*.

This workshop aims to bring together researchers and practitioners that share the vision of enabling domain experts to benefit from the performance opportunities of FPGAs.  FPGAs have recently gained a lot of attention through several demonstrations of superior performance over off-the-shelf architectures, not only with respect to energy efficiency but also with respect to wall-clock runtimes. The application areas reach across many domains from high-finance to advanced machine learning. Despite the availability of many tools for high-level synthesis, domain experts still seem to be far away from utilising FPGAs to gain processing performance unless pre-configured systems for their particular applications exist in readily available form. With this workshop, we are trying to bring together researchers that aim to break this barrier for a wider applicability of FPGAs.

We expect this special issue to broadly target three communities of researchers:

  1. FPGA and reconfigurable computing researchers, who have an interest in investigating applications, tools and technologies that make FPGAs more accessible for domain-experts.
  2. Compiler experts that are interested in tool chains for compiling domain specific languages to FPGA accelerated code.
  3. Domain experts from various fields who are investigating the use of FPGAs for accelerating their applications.


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